midweek battle

It’s been a long day.

I got stuck in my work because I did not know how to solve a problem. That’s the gist of it. It is really frustrating because I’d really like to complete it and move on to another task. This is really dragging me down, along with my productivity. I became very restless and tensed.

Unknowingly, this situation actually showed me how much I have improved. In the past, I would have lost my cool. However, I managed to maintain some form of composure and focused on finding a solution. I asked another colleague and I had to practice communicating clearly in order to explain the problem.

I finally solve the problem on my own, thanks to a question from the colleague. He questioned one of the requirements. I googled to check if I must follow the requirement and it turns out that, I can actually not follow it exactly. Yay! Although I was relieved, there was still a lot of negative energy in me so I googled for pun jokes to relax. Here’s one:

Q: Where are average things manufactured?

A: Satisfactory.

Got it? XD There were a lot more and I felt so much better. After work, we had a farewell dinner for our intern and we ate to our hearts content. Most of them were busy teasing two colleagues and naturally, the guy got it worse. It was funny teasing him but I had a thought. What if I am the one being teased? Would I have felt awkward or mad? Would I have enjoyed the teasing? It is easy to tease others and consider it harmless but how do we know how the person really feel? What if we accidentally push their trigger points? I felt bad and apologize. It is weird but sometimes, staying put and keeping quiet can be the hardest thing to do. You do not want to appear anti social or unfriendly but at the same time, you want to control yourself from saying too much or not being classy enough.

So, the journey of learning and improving continues. Everyone is struggling with their own set of problems. The world becomes a more cheerful place when we remind ourselves to be grateful for what we have. May I be well and happy.

p/s: I thought of a pick up line in Chinese! Felt proud of myself. Told it to a colleague who said it was lame. Ha ha!



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