Sunday Reflections

I made it to another Sunday! One of the blessings in life is to be able to wake up the next day and live another day. It was really difficult to get up this morning, though. My neck was stiff and aches when I turned and so were both of my arms!

The reason for this? Bubble sports! My company organized this event and I joined just to check it out. Firstly, they asked the guys and the ladies to stand in two straight lines. We had a headcount and we are then grouped based on our number. After we’ve all found our group members, we were ushered into the court where a Bubble Sport staff explained the basic safety rules, the games we’ll be playing and demonstrated how to put on the Bubble. It is like wearing a bubble backpack but because the bubble surrounds you, it may feel a little bit stuffy and your vision blurs because the bubbles are not translucent and I can’t wear my glasses when I put on this bubble!

The first game we played was futsal. As someone who doesn’t play futsal, I felt kind of useless to the team. Nevertheless, there were only 2 futsal players in the team and the captain kindly told me to just enjoy the game. So, there were quite a lot of falling and bouncing off the ball and my legs never reach anywhere near the ball. Still, it felt good when I manage to knock off some of the opponents. Hahaha. In the next few futsal games, I stepped out to allow other team members to play as well.

The next game was Defend the Tower. Once again, this is a 5 players game. One player gets to be King / Queen and the other members have to either defend the King / Queen or knock out the opponent’s King / Queen. I was one of the defenders. At the blow of the whistle, the attackers came rushing in and when we collided, I bounced off, as usual. I don’t really have much inertia but I tried to get up as quickly as possible and try to knock off these attackers who are busy trying to knock down the King.

This is where it gets interesting. I discovered a lot about myself. Being someone who does not play team sports much, I don’t really know what to do. As someone who usually sticks to the rules, I find myself at a loss. Before the game began, I would ask my captain for his opinion / strategy / wise words but he would only tell me to enjoy the game. I don’t know if he gave up on the team or he thinks it is best if we just play without any pressure. I guess, I was looking for a direction. Or instructions? In the Defend the Tower game, it felt real because there was a strategy. My captain would be King, and he assigned two members as attackers, two members as defenders. It felt like a plan which I can follow. When the attackers came, I really gave it my best shot to knock them off, away from the King. In the next game, some members switched and one of the replacements told me to go on the offensive. Being a stickler to rules, I blurted out that the captain told me to be the defender. I became confused. Should I try playing the attacker or remain the defender? I know you may think why I am making things complicated but I really felt lost. On one hand, it would be nice to try out being an attacker but deep down, I know I am a defender. That may sound delusional or epic fantasy but somehow, within me, as the game progresses, I really felt like a defender. Not just in the game, but in general. Anyway, I tried out being the offensive in the next round and failed miserably. So, I returned to my defender post and defend with all my might!

I ended up with really black knees (no injuries yay!), sore arms (especially at the shoulder-armpit joins area) and an overall fatigue feeling. It felt good when the captain acknowledged my defense. Twice. XD Most importantly, I learned a lot about sportsmanship from the captain. This is one good reason why we should join company events. If you are lucky enough to be in the same group with one of the top leaders in the company, you can learn a lot from them. There is a reason why they are where they are in the company.

Back to the arena, the top teams from Group A and Group B made it to the finals. Suddenly, I was jolted with some journalistic inspiration. I started broadcasting the final game to my department’s chat group. It felt great to be able to share what was going on, even though my pictures and video were of sub par quality. Maybe I should be a journalist. Hahaha! All in all, it was an eye-opening event. As I watched the matches, I wrestled with my own conflicting emotions. My hand shook as I gripped my water bottle. (That was purely because of the after effects of the game.) No matter what life throws at you, it is up to you to cry and weep or get out and find another path.

But first, let me tend to my stiff and aching neck and arms. Owh…..

Happy Sunday! 🙂


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