thoughts on descendants of the sun pilot episode

It’s been almost a week (or a week)! I’ve fully recovered from the neck and arm aches caused by the Bubble Sport. Had a long nap this afternoon and am feeling refreshed. Especially after watching the pilot episode of Descendants of the Sun. =p

The last time I watched a Korean drama was in 2012 so it’s been a while. After observing all the hype surrounding the drama and being surprised at the people who watched it (obviously these are the people who I never expect will watch), my interest grew.


I never expected this from a Korean drama. The plot wasted no time in letting the main characters meet and interact. The chemistry was right there! From the way their eyes looked at each other, to the obviously NOT-VERY-SUBTLE flirtatious lines, I spent most of the time either chuckling or grinning myself silly. It was all very smooth and charming, and not too cheesy. Maybe some would think it is too fast or too easy but hey, if both parties have excellent chemistry and the desire to see each other again, what can stop them, right?



Their commitment to their responsibilities. Unlike the usual drama plots where the main leads took episodes to finally go on a date, everything unfolds in the first episode itself!

They already know they like each other. They even set up ‘dates’ to see each other again. Granted, it is an appointment to sanitize a wound but still, that counts as a date! In the calendar, of course. XD But, because she has an emergency operation, she missed the appointment. And the next date fails because he had to go on duty.

Suddenly, this drama feels like it is taking on a more heavy sub-context. Behind the main leads’ beauty and suaveness, it indirectly ‘educates’ the audiences that there are other things more important than your crush. Your duty comes first. Well, in their case, it is a matter of life and death AND national security so they obviously can’t say “Sorry, I need to go on a date”.

Moral matters aside, let’s discuss about their dialogue. It really amazes me how they can maintain their cool and speak so casually when they should clearly be having butterflies in their stomach! I mean, come on, you are on the phone with someone you like and “who seems to like you too” and you don’t fluster? No ummms and aahs, just pauses. Long pauses. I love the way he teases her – where his sentences can be interpreted in two ways and she of course, assumes the romantic notion. He would then pretend to refer to the ‘other’ notion and she, although caught off guard, knows how to cover, too. Their encounters and words sparring delight me to no ends.

Oh, and that famous scene where he flicks the phone off her as she was speaking and gracefully catches it when it falls? I still think it is rather rude but it is a drama after all. The main lead always gets away with it and still gets the girl. Typical!  They should put a subtitle subtext which says “Please do not try this at home or anywhere UNLESS someone steals your phone”.

With that, I can’t wait to watch episode 2. Did I mention that I love their chemistry? Yes, I did and I will say it again. Their chemistry is DEFINITELY ONE of the many reasons why I will continue to watch and if you haven’t, you should, too. *winkwink*


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