descendants of the sun

It’s been a long week.

After I completed Descendants of the Sun, I listened to the soundtracks and actually wrote a post and saved it in a draft. At least I thought I did. Sadly, when I came back to continue, the draft was missing. I felt annoyed and didn’t come back till today.

Still, I enjoyed the drama very much! It was a breath of fresh air from the usual Korean dramas. It made me think quite a bit,  reflect a little and laugh a LOT. I don’t know if I am inexperienced but there is a lot of creativity in the jokes and romance section.

Especially the famous “I don’t know if I should confess or apologize”, the copy-what-the-other-say-or-did and the “ghost-eating” scene. Even the “Music really changes everything” public confession scene had me grinning like a mad woman. =p

I enjoyed how the drama is deprived of common life dramas. Maybe because the premise is somewhat different, seeing as the main characters are soldiers and doctors, it became more philosophical. Each has their own core values regarding their profession and their own moral integrity. That’s where the conflict lies and it is wonderful to watch their willingness to evaluate, adapt and sometimes bend over in order to do what is right and honorable.

The acting was excellent and the chemistry among the characters delightful. Here’s a list of some of my favorites:

1. Big Boss aka Captain Yoo Shi Jin and Wolf aka Deputy Leader Sergeant Major Dae Seo Young
Their friendship is enviable and desirable. Mutual respect, loyalty and tender loving care for one another. Life is never dull whenever they are together. One of my favorite moments are when they are on a ‘double date’ with their plush toys. XD
I found this article which compiles most of their funny antics!

2. Doctor Song Sang Hyun and Nurse Ha Ja Ae
I always knew something was up between the two. Although they constantly bicker, it was really because they are very close. They simply light up the screen whenever they are around. Goofy and endearing. My favorite moment has gotta be when he joined the soldiers’ morning jog. Ja Ae’s stunned expression is worth every sweat drop! =p

3. Big Boss and Dr Kang
Since they are the main hero and heroines, they definitely have the best spark, right from the first episode. I love how they both grow and gravitate towards one another. Their relationship best exemplifies the phrase “Imitation is the best form of flattery”. One of my favorite moment is when her dying confession is broadcasted to the entire world. The horrified look on her face and the amused look on his face is worth rewatching over and over again! Also, the ghost scene was clever and wonderfully executed with perfect timing. Best of all, I like how they have sincere and honest discussions with one another. Not to mention, lots of compliments and flattery as well that can give you diabetes! ^^

Aside from that, part of the drama feels a bit like a documentary too. The destruction and tension during a natural disaster, the challenging search and rescue efforts by volunteers, the diseases that followed after and the post traumatic stress disorder effects are covered pretty well. There are a few heart wrenching moments which made me feel really grateful for what I have. The scene where they all ducked and hid under the table upon the slightest tremor felt was a really good portrayal of how the earthquake affected them.

Last but not least, excellent soundtracks. I got myself acquainted with most of them, with my favorite being Once Again by Mad Clown and Kim Na Young. I really enjoyed listening to Kim’s voice and Mad Clown’s rap. So much pining, longing and regret. Maybe it reflects how I feel about some things, I suppose. Balancing up the emotional feelings is Talk Love by K. Will, a delightful song with memorable whistling which will surely lift anyone up. I found this great article which did a fantastic job in listing and describing each soundtrack. And I also found this youtube playlist of the soundtracks with lyrics in both Korean and English. Internet is really amazing!


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