kill em with kindness

It’s been over a week since I last wrote anything. I’m sorry.

It was a week where I was pretty tired and I haven’t been walking for the past two weeks. The weekend evening walk around the parks, I meant. With the tiredness and stress from work comes a new test. Well, a recurring one. How well do you control your emotions? Regrettably, I slipped up a bit but I didn’t cause much damage as I did months ago. Unfortunately, my Japanese lessons halted. I do think about the Hiragana strokes in my head and draw them with my finger on my palm. I’m okay with the Basic and Variants but I still can’t memorize the compound.

Never mind. I officially started on Katakana today. Got my a i u e o done. One of my biggest weakness is that I lack the dedication and motivation to continue. I would always start something but didn’t really follow through. But I try. Just keep trying! Last Sunday, I continued the walk routine. I finished Roald Dahl’s Boy, which have been waiting patiently on my table for ages. I used to read a lot of books every week years and years ago but now, I hardly complete 1 in a month. I really must get back to my good old habits. By chance, Chris passed me the e book of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. So, I started reading a bit of Roald Dahl’s Going Solo (Part 2 of his biography) and a bit of Cursed Child. I want to build up this reading habit again.

Aside from that, I have discovered another angel. I think most people are angels, it is just a matter of whether you can notice it. I have been feeling quite lost over my poor or non existent fashion sense and was fumbling about when this angel showered me with ideas and tips on how to pick up fashion and info on just about anything. While suppressing the thought that “I’m really dumb”, I was trying to note the important points. It felt as though I was given a special chance to attend an impromptu lecture by a world class professor. Despite feeling slightly yawnish (fashion is not my biggest interest), I am happy to be able to learn a thing or two. No one really shares or teaches about this kind of stuff. Although I am really lazy, I know I had to. I can’t evade or avoid it anymore. I’m forced to learn to be able to adapt into society. Is this how Shikamaru feels when he says what a chore?

Anyway, it’s time to sleep. I would really like to catch up on my sleep. Maybe have a sweet dream. =)


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