dream dream dream

last night i had this really weird funny dream.

In my dream, I had a preview of what’s going to happen. Something like a teaser trailer.

And then the events start to unfold one by one.

First scene: NK, SY, SM and I are in this room where SM is resting on a queen size bed whereas SY and I are wrestling playfully on the mattress below. I know I was feeling pretty tired and I felt tired in my dream too. Then, when I wanna leave, NK asked me to help pass some purplish silk pouch to someone and I kinda ignored and told him to pass it himself.

^ I’m guessing this is somewhat related to my work. The scene is still weird to me.

Second scene: I went out and started a slow jog but it felt more like taking long leaps. I felt like I was semi flying when I am in the air in between the long leaps. I gained some distance but my pace slowed down as I begin to feel tired. ( this tired feeling always comes creeping in ). To my surprise, I saw the back of a lion and I quickly went and hid behind a tree. I can’t see the lion but I can see that something else is also fearing the lion. It looked like a tiger, but the body shape resembled more of a deer. Can you imagine a tiger with the body shaped like a deer? It was walking backwards in a nervous manner and I slowly see the lion advancing slowly towards the tiger. It happened to turn its head and…… the face was a cat! What!?!? From my hiding point, I started looking around to see if anyone else saw what I saw but I was shocked even more. More animals appeared, but they all seem weirdly mutated. Each is a combination of two animals, if that makes sense. For example, a kangaroo body with a another animal’s face. A rhino body with a ummm, another animal’s head. Strangely, I cannot recall what the animal combinations were. Everything is a haze. And what’s even more peculiar is that a crowd of people started gathering near the “cute” combinations and began taking ‘we-fie’. OMG. I find it difficult to move and slowly retreat back to where I came from. I hid behind a telephone booth when I thought there is another weird creature but it turned out to be a ‘Wall E’ creature floating away. Strange and stranger.

^I’m guessing this mishmash animals are caused by my brain processing my zoo trip earlier this month. What else can be the explanation?

Third scene: I went inside a ‘lab/classroom’ where my CTO is the professor/teacher and informed the rest of the class that the latest assignment/project has been handed out. Now, there is quite an interesting twist to this project. You can choose to finish or ‘are not able’ to finish it. BUT, you need to provide sufficient and reasonable proof on why you will not be able to complete it. It felt really difficult though. From my understanding, this is like a programming + electronics homework. Two of my ‘table mates’ left me to do research and said they will be back when they are done. Somehow, I took it as they don’t wanna discuss with me as I’m too noob. I can’t quite remember who they are though I did recognise them in the dream. Soon after they left, a few other friends joined me and started discussing on what can be done. I am still pondering how to solve this project – should I try to finish it or conclude that it cannot be done and work on finding evidence why it cannot be completed?

^This is probably my brain’s attempt to decipher and hint to me my subconscious thoughts and feelings. Nothing makes sense and time is running.

I know this entire post is a mix of present and past tense. I didn’t feel like correcting them. Maybe it can give a feel of the mixed feelings I experienced as I wander between here and there, then and now. As usual, my dreams have many people and sometimes nothing makes sense. XD


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