Notable November

And I did it again! Not writing for a month. Well, I like to write when I got the feels and the time is right. Just like now. I wanted to go somewhere but suddenly I just feel like I really need to pour my heart out.

November is beginning to stand out as one of the more memorable ( momentous ) months in the year. Ignoring other years, the past November has been nothing short of exceptional.

The first Sunday itself was life changing. I won’t say much except that, I begin to understand some life truths and empathize more. A lot of of the inspirational quotes we often read are merely sentences until we truly understand the depth of it. I really hope that I can internalize what I feel and live life with no regrets. As they said, everyone dies but not everyone truly live.

Moving on, I had an exciting Monday night where the moon was its largest. We celebrated our high school friend’s birthday at Naughty Nuri’s and it was fantastic! They have this mini dance/shake if you ordered a Martini and also for the birthday person. The energy level was high and I was really enjoying the vibe and the atmosphere. When I reflected back on the mini dance/shake, I will be filled with lots of fun energy and it is hard to control myself from not doing a mini shake myself. :p

My parents and aunt also came over and I finally, successfully brought them to Taman Botani Perdana. A win! It is a beautiful and well-kept garden where families and anyone can spend time together. It’s free and is huge, which can accommodate many people. My mom and aunt were excited to see the vegetables at the Edible Garden. That’s probably the only place la. We saw a squirrel too as well as beautiful orchids and not forgetting, the magnificent Sunken Garden. I got bitten by a few mosquitoes but it was worth it!

Something worth noting as well: I tried wearing something different! Discarding my usual T-Shirts and jeans, I tried on this different top and wore leggings with it. Luckily, the outcome looked okay and it felt comfortable too. Because I was shy, I might have said some rather not-s0-nice lines but I think that’s okay. Something to learn not to do the next round. After all, if I just kept to my normal routine, I will never learn.

The finale to November has to be my friend’s wedding in Singapore. It is my second time as jimui ( bridesmaid ). It is not my wedding but I still feel anxious, mainly because I will be doing a lot of things outside of my comfort zone. I can now gladly say that I did it! Weddings have always been just a ceremony to me but this time, I think I am passed that phase. It was wonderful that I managed to catch up with some old friends, and also grabbed the chance to visit Gardens By the Bay at night as well as the Pokemon Exhibition at Sentosa and explore the S.E.A. Aquarium too! Sometimes,  I do wish that I reached this mental understanding earlier, preferably 10 years ago but as they say, better late than never. What I can do now is to be grateful for all the kind occurrences that have happened in my life and continue to strive to be the best that I can be.

Which includes taking more chances and getting out of my comfort zone! Time will continue to tick, even if I do nothing. With that, I welcome December, and hope to make the most of the remaining 2016 days. Aja aja fighting!!! XD


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