the first step

Christmas is coming soon and I’ve started listening to Christmas songs again. As usual, Silent Night’s my favorite! I’m really looking forward to my office’s Christmas party where we’ll feast on delicious food and (hopefully) play games ( Mafia )!  =)

Coincidentally, I also got the chance to help out in a church event. Actually, it just so happened that the program that I wanted volunteer in was taking part in the church event so I ended up attending the Christmas Carnival. Short story: One day I was feeling really down and I was pouring my heart out to DCSY and by the end of the long rant, she suggested that I try out volunteering. I am open to that idea and thus, she recommended me to a fellow friend who is running a volunteer program under Malaysian Care – Bumblebee.

Volunteering in this event is like my first official move in getting out of my comfort zone. I was thinking, for 2017 – my theme will be ‘Getting Out of My Comfort Zone’. One of my plan is to do volunteer work. Therefore, by a stroke of luck, this volunteer event became the first volunteer work – and it is not even 2017 yet! It’s a great warm up activity!  =p

The church location is about 25 mins drive from where I stay and it is in a totally new environment with people I have never met before. This really fits the theme of getting out of my comfort zone. So, initially, I did not know that the Bumblee program was taking part in the church event. I just assumed that it was a church event and someone should know my supervisor. Hence, it came as a surprised when nobody knew who my supervisor was. Fortunately, someone knew what was going on, and my supervisor came with his truck of books and games! I met 2 other Malaysian Care people who welcomed me and made me feel that I am really in the right place.They were mostly Mandarin speaking which struck me. What if I can’t get along?  This language issue has somewhat consistently bug me ( especially when I am in a new situation ) but I just went along. It all went well in the end though, with me speaking in Mandarin and occasional English words to fill in.

My task was to man one of the games booth – where we’ll play Angry Birds and Tic Tac Toe. Honestly, Angry Bird is a crowd-favorite of all time! Kids and adults alike find it interesting and addictive. We had an Angry Bird catapult( made from recycle items) where you put one of the ‘angry birds’ and then you try to flip it into one of the plastic pots. It was really creative. We set it up on the table with 3 Angry Bird soft toys as deco. It was an instant hit! The kids were all scrambling to play them and it was quite tough trying to get them to queue and to pick up the fallen Angry Birds. Then, I forgot to keep track of how many times they attempted because I need to tell them to stop and give way to the other kids waiting in line. Oh, the dilemma! Also, the kids come in groups. It’s either no one or they all come together! Time passes pretty fast and I had a lot of fun picking up the fallen Angry Birds and cheering for the kids who practiced persistently.

There was a time where I thought the proud daddy is trying to video his kid’s attempt and was disappointed when I realized he was just replying his texts. Bummer! I haven’t been around young children for a very long time so it was pretty refreshing. They are so innocent and have only one goal in mind, which is to play! There is a kid who takes her time choosing which Angry Bird to catapult and slowly experimenting using different forces. I can’t help but to think, maybe this kid will be a scientist some day.

Games aside, I tried out the other games as well and it is quite remarkable how one can make simple games using recycled stuff. There is one where two 1.5L bottles are taped together with small balls inserted inside. The goal is to make the balls flow from one bottle to the other in the fastest time. It looks really easy but it is in fact very tiring.  There is a technique to shaking the bottle so that the balls will fall out and my arms tired out after a while. Time passes by really fast and it is then lunch time! We had nasi lemak with spicy sambal sotong and delicious ayam kunyit. It was then time to go and I get to bring back the Christmas Santa Hat ( ho ho ho ). All in all, a great volunteer experience! =)


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