Happy New Year

Happy New Year folks!

2016 was a sad year and yet, a year of growth. I fell into a pit of despair and slowly learned to pick myself up. It was a very difficult phase in life because, I don’t really want anybody’s help and yet there are times when I really want to just depend on someone. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and with time, I am back to normal. At least, most of the time, I am. 🙂

The last few days of 2016 was pretty relaxing. Many colleagues took leave and the office felt very cold but we were very relaxed. Zan played the guitar with the chords from PC while I sang during lunch time. Then, we also celebrated the December and January babies’ birthday. That was fun! :p

On New Year’s Eve, I attended my friend’s hotpot + board games event.I met 2 people who worked for the Star’s R.A.G.E. segment and enjoyed listening to their stories while covering the “Predator in my phone” project. It is basically a project which exposes how sexual predators lure young girls into having sexual activities with them via mobile chat apps such as weChat. There is this part of the interaction where they ‘groom’ the girls to be more curious and comfortable with the idea. The journalists posed as young girls in the chat app and met up with some of these predators to learn how they operate and these meetings are secretly filmed. I have watched these videos and it is indeed shocking and terrifying to learn the truth. Go watch it if you have not!

Sorry for digressing but I find that very important. Anyway, back to the board games! The hotpot was delicious but I really enjoyed the games more as there were more interaction. We played Cards Against Humanity ( tsk tsk :p ), Resistance and Saboteur. Resistance is similar to Mafia except that everyone gets to play in every round whereas the dead in Mafia has no more role. My team won in the first round, despite my naivety. The second round was really bad because I heavily accused an innocent and defended the bad one. And my team lost. The horror! I cannot imagine if that happens in real life. Oh well! When we next play Saboteur ( another similar game ), I restrained myself from getting too excited. It was a pretty cool evening overall, something different than the usual New Year celebrations.

On New Year’s Day itself, I attended a friend’s church, a Methodist church. I enjoyed listening to the sermon because it was very animated. There is the pastor, and the translator. The pastor would speak in Chinese whereas the translator translates it to English. At times, it felt like they were both rapping because the pastor would speak really fast and energetically as he delivers his points and the translator translates with the same energy and pace.  It happened to be a Holy Communion event too so I got to witness them ‘eating bread and drinking wine’. In short, it was pretty cool.

Then, there is also another incident where two friends were playing chess. One lost his Queen and he was trying really hard to get her back that he lost his focus on the actual game goal: to checkmate the opponent’s King. This reminded me of the sayings where women are the cause of dynasty downfalls, etc. How apt! Somehow, the game mimics what I watch on television. Kekeke.

Lastly, how can we not talk about New Year resolutions? I have quite a few – the simplest is to read 17 books this year. The theme for this year is to get out of my comfort zone. I also wish to look for a Buddhist community where I can attend dhamma talks, join meditation sessions and retreats as well as meeting other fellow Buddhist practitioners. Fortunately, I found one pretty nearby so I will go check it out this Sunday. As if by chance, I met an old Buddhist friend earlier today who would like to go with me this Sunday too.

Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu. =)


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