she will be loved


I am lost. Help me, brother.
Save my life before my doom.
I am lost without your love.
Save my soul. Seek my room.

The answer to Eurus’s riddle and also the complete change in heart.

Sherlock ran to his sister’s room to find her sitting on the floor hugging her knees. He crouched down and reached out to her, acknowledging her confusion and distress. Being the kind brother, he gave her the attention she was so desperately seeking for.

Somehow, this scene was the most compelling scene in Season 4. Not even Mary’s death has this great an impact. It feels really heart-breaking to see the hell she created just because she wanted to play with her brother. And after all these years, she still longs for her favorite brother to shower her with some affection and attention. How lonely can you get?

Even though this episode has a lot of missing gaps, it is justified by rounding up Sherlock’s character, allowing us viewers to see why he became who he is today. As much as he dismisses feelings, he is still the most emotional one among his siblings ( hahahaha )! Maybe that’s what makes him lovable and the favorite among the Holmes siblings.

p/s: I know this isn’t really a review, more like a rant. Thanks for reading anyways! =p


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