It will be the end of February soon. Well, by the time this post is published, it will probably be March 1st. Time flies and when I reflect back on what transpired these past few weeks, it is kind of unbelievable. My daydreams and my life sometimes overlaps and sometimes, it is kind of frightening. Because sometimes, some daydreams should just stay as daydreams. :p

Let’s pretend I am in a tv show where people have powers. Some are untapped, some are very basic and some are advanced. It feels like one of them has developed further. Songs are one method I use to understand myself better because we subconsciously suppress our true desires and emotions. However, there are some songs which I don’t really identify with. Then, I wonder if it could be that I am able to tap into someone’s feelings. The songs represent someone else’s emotions. But whose?

Then, there is also the ability of channeling someone else’s emotions. It is quite exhilarating yet disconcerting somehow. When this happens, it is as though an external emotion just override my own and I began feeling what the other person feels. It may not be the exact feeling but it’s good practice to learn to snap out of it especially if it is a negative feeling. It would be awkward if I were to suddenly cry or get angry for no reason. ( This only applies to interaction with human beings. )

Lastly, why do we feel uncomfortable when someone treats us well? Is it because we feel that we do not deserve it? I’m just using the phrase ‘treats us well’ very generically. We can get reactive to the feeling of being ignored, being left out, being labelled, etc. But the moment someone showers us with tenderness, we retreat into our shell. The gentleness bestowed upon is too overpowering that we have to wonder what caused it. Or is it just overthinking or in this case, over-feeling?

Getting out of my comfort zone alright!

Meanwhile, I am preparing to be a Servant Leader. It happens to bear the same initials so let’s hope I can live the part!


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