where is the BFG?

My memory’s a bit hazy on when it started.

I had probably just got back at my actual house and the car is parked outside the gate. There were a lot of stuff to carry into the house so it needed a few trips to and fro to get everything inside. After the first round, I went back out and somehow got OCD-ed about keeping the main door close while I go and get my stuff. Maybe because the gate was slightly open and I didn’t want the main door to be open too. It felt like a direct passageway into the house.

It is funny how it took me a few tries to close the door. Once, I use too little energy and the door wouldn’t close firmly. I didn’t want to use too much strength in case the door slams loudly. When I finally got it to close, I turned and proceeded towards the car. The distance between the main door and the gate is about 4-5 meters. It was already dusk and there isn’t much sunlight left.

As I approached the gate, I suddenly noticed two silhouette outside the gate. Both were dressed in a strange fashion. They both have a straw hat on and their clothes outline reminds me of the Akatsuki members ( antagonists in Naruto anime ). Note that due to the not very bright light condition, I cannot see much details, except that of a shadowy figure. I can feel my hair stand on end. Frightened, I tried my best to retreat backwards as fast as I could but somehow, the steps were long and agonizing. The two figures made their way past the gate into the house porch area, walking steadily towards me.

My right hand shakily reached for the door handled. It is the type where your fingers go around the handle and your thumb presses down on the latch to open. It felt like they can reach for me anytime now. Paralyzed with fear, I mustered as much strength as possible to press down on the latch. Anytime now, they are gonna get me!

And I woke up. Thank goodness it was only just a dream! *sweats*


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