tale as old as time

“There must be something there that wasn’t there before.”


I had a lot of fun watching Disney’s live adaptation of Beauty and the Beast! Now, I’ll admit that I had my reservations and I was pretty adamant that the live action could not be as wonderful as the animated version. Even if it is Emma Watson playing Belle, the best actress choice for the role, nothing beats the original movie. Or so I thought. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the original movie. However, I think there are some parts where the live adaptation has a slight edge. For one, the characters are played by real humans and as such, their expressions carry more weight. I must say that having real human faces conveying emotions is more effective in tugging at the heart strings. It can’t be helped since the movie has such a brilliant cast.

It’s funny how watching the movie when you are older reveals so much more. There are quite a few light bulb moments as I watched. The brightest one is probably how Beauty and the Beast is really, an actual love story among the Disney stories. In most Disney fairy tales, the Prince always emerges at the end of the movie and then they end up happily ever after. Not really credible especially if you have only meet this stranger for the first time. And you want kids to believe that they will be living happily ever after? I think this is why,  the other Disney fairy tales ( with Prince Charming ) never really appeal to me. Even Elsa disapproves and chides Anna for agreeing to marry someone that she has only just met. 😀

Can you imagine the Beast telling his kids ‘how I met your mother’?

“I locked your grandfather in the dungeon and she came to rescue him. When our eyes first met, it was under the light of the candelabra.” Horror romance, right there. :p

Continuing on with this love story topic, it is really quite weird in some sense. So, the entire Beast household is cheering for him to woo her with the hope of finally breaking the spell. Now, imagine how would it feel when your entire family is watching and trying to help by welcoming your girl. Wouldn’t it be awkward to have their eyes on you as you try to have a proper date, already feeling super embarrassed yourself? Anyway, it was really delightful to watch their chemistry develop. The Beast already scored a lot of points for #1, knowing which author / book Belle is referencing and #2, owning a library. Way to go! It only occurred to me after the movie that the tune for two songs which Belle sings are the same. It is as if it is a foreshadow of her own tale.

First song:

Oh, isn't this amazing?
It's my fav'rite part because you'll see
Here's where she meets Prince Charming
But she won't discover that it's him 'til chapter three

Second song:

New and a bit alarming
Who'd have ever thought that this could be?
True that he's no Prince Charming
But there's something in him that I simply didn't see

They even rhyme at the same lines!!! Now, I’m hoping that they will create a modern beauty and the beast drama. The Beast can be used to represent one of the social stigmas. Just saying.

Okay, back to the live adaptation version. This can also be a Father’s Day movie. Belle and Maurice have such an excellent father-daughter relationship. Although at times, it feels like it’s a little forced. I’m disappointed that they did not include the scene where Gaston fell into the pond. That was one of my favorite scenes! I used to rewind to the scene where Belle secretly opens the door and lets harasser Gaston falls right into the pond. In addition, the scene where the Beast transforms into his former state was too short. I always enjoy watching his transformation and it felt a little too fast in this live adaptation. It is the most magical moment in the entire movie. The rain drops, the lights that shine out from his fingers and toes and his neck as he transforms within the white light, it was all so captivating, so fascinating!!! The steam after the transformation make it all the more surreal! Why didn’t they focus more on this scene? *cries* I’m glad they reuse the same music score, though. Oh, well!

Besides that, I was looking forward to the dance scenes. Alas, it is also a little too short. I wanted them to dance longer. More feet action, please! I meant, the pivoting of the leg. It is intriguing to watch people dance. Random thought: An alternate ending where the Beast survives but remains a Beast for the rest of his life. I like to think that Belle would still live happily ever after. Would their kids have horns as well? =)

All in all, the movie elicits tears of joy at the end. The reunion scene was executed delightfully as the ‘objects’ reunite with their families. As I watched familiar ‘old friends’ such as Emma Thompson and Ian McKellen playing their roles, I can’t help but think of Alan Rickman. If he is still alive, I believe he would probably have a role in this too. Ahhh did I just get a little sentimental? :’)

In short, Beauty and the Beast is and will always be my favorite Disney fairy tale of all time. It is, after all, a tale as old as time.


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