Ore Monogatari! half review

It was a random decision to watch the pilot episode for Ore Monogatari. I ended up watching till episode 12/24. Basically, it is about Gouda Takeo, a first year student in high school whose crush always seem to prefer his good friend, Sunakawa Makoto. Takeo is the big-sized, thick eyebrow and thick lip type who doesn’t really fit the typical handsome look. Suna, on the other hand, is cool and admired by all the girls. One day, Takeo helped to save Yamato Rinko from a groper in the train and the three became friends. Thinking that Yamato likes Suna, Takeo puts in his best efforts to matchmake both of them despite having feelings for her.

So, the first two episodes were agonizing to watch. It is a different type of anime for me where the lead character is not the typical good looking guy. Surprisingly, I find myself analyzing as I watched because I would usually just enjoy it. This show makes me cringe and laugh out loud. Maybe it is because of the characters’ innocence and naivety that makes the story slightly torturous yet endearing. I enjoy watching the bromance between Takeo and Suna. They really care for each other, in their own ways. What really amuses me is how Suna only laughs for Takeo. With everything else, he seems to be apathetic. However, Takeo seems to be the only one who can bring out Suna’s emotions. I have the slightest suspicion that Suna is gay and has only affections for Takeo. I might not have mentioned it yet, but Takeo is like, the kindest person around. Really, he will go all out to help anyone without a second thought. Unfortunately, his giant physical appearance and looks scares off almost everyone.


Yamato actually likes Takeo and both of them ended up as a couple. Then, it became too sweet for me to handle.

Takeo isn’t really good in expressing how he feels so he will just say in his heart, I love you Yamato. Every time his heart skipped a beat, or whenever he feels touched by Yamato’s actions/words, he will say it. After a while, I get not so comfortable. Maybe because I feel guilty in some weird way. The one important point to take away from their relationship is to really appreciate your partner and not take them for granted. Takeo repeatedly expresses his gratitude for Yamato’s existence in the world. Wouldn’t it be nice if we cherish our loved ones the way Takeo does ?

On the other hand, I wish there is an anime where the roles are reversed. In this anime, you have the not so good looking guy, his hot best friend and his cute girlfriend. What about a story about a not so popular / good looking girl with her hot girl friend and her pretty boyfriend? Note that despite Takeo not having the typical good looks desired by girls, he is still rather popular among his peers ( mostly male ) for his kindness and athletic abilities.

All in all, this anime explores young love, the fuzzy wuzzy feelings you get from liking someone and having that someone liking you back. Most importantly, not taking the ones you love for granted. T_T