yay yay yay

Exciting times!

Today has been very exciting, despite some uncertainty.

I usually refer to people when I need validation or approval. More often than most people, as I like things to be done right and correctly. Today, I stopped myself, and chose to believe in myself. It felt like I was given an opportunity to lead and so I should do my best within reasonable judgment instead of running back to my superior over every little thing. It was hard but I just kept going. I really hope I will not screw up too much. Even if I failed, I think I would be able to learn something.

There were visitors from a local university and one of the visiting students looked very similar to me. When my colleagues alerted me of this doppelganger, I was stunned. It felt a bit odd looking at someone who looked so much like myself. My first instinct was to run away. Well, technically, I returned back to my seat. But as many people are aware, they began ‘redirecting’ back to me. Telling me one by one of how this girl looks exactly like me. When HR brought the group over, I was politely requested to stand up to show myself. It was quite an unusual event and everybody was smiling and laughing. I just smiled back. I don’t know why, but it just felt weird looking at myself. =p

I had pilates today and I didn’t know what to have for dinner. Coincidentally, there were a group of us and so the idea of ordering dishes sprang up. I was caught between getting something ala carte so that I can leave for pilates earlier and ordering dishes. I chose the latter. So, I ended up 25 minutes late for my pilates class but I did not regret it. I enjoyed my dinner and the camaraderie between my colleagues. It felt really good! We had soup, vegetables, bean curd and mushroom. Yum yum! Anyway, I apologized to my pilates instructor for my lateness and his cheerful response really made my day. He said, what matters is I came. ^^ Better late than never! This is why I really enjoy my pilates class. The senior who makes the most noise teasingly remarked that I was super early for class today. Ha ha ha

Okay, I saved the best for the last! I have been studying Hiragana, one of the Japanese character sets and I have also been watching Gochisousan, a Japanese drama. At the end of every episode, there is a picture of someone enjoying his/her meal and some Japanese characters. It just so happened that I was studying the characters and to my delight, I can read them!!! Well, not all, since I haven’t studied them all but I have learned enough to make out the chi-so-u-sa-n characters!!! Well, the font for so was so off that I could hardly recognise it. Still, I consider that an accomplishment! I could also make out the word ‘o-i-shi’. Delightful! =)



Achievement Unlocked!

In today’s pilates class, we use fitness balls and one of the actions is to balance on all fours on the ball. Technically, everyone does according to their level. Some can already kneel on the ball whereas some are still learning to balance on all fours.

I have already reach the stage where I can balance on all fours. I hope to improve to the next level, kneeling. After class, I asked the instructor for some tips. He told me to try and lift one hand away from the ball. Then, try with the other hand. His verdict was no, I cannot move on to the kneeling stage yet as  I need to be able to lift a leg away from the ball first. The thighs are not strong enough, yet.

Although I am unable to lift a leg away from the ball, I am still happy because I can lift a hand away from the ball! This may seem like nothing but it is really challenging to balance on all fours in the first place! Balancing has always been slightly tougher for me than other fitness ball activities. A few months ago, I could not even balance on all fours for a second before falling.

Today, I can lift a hand away. Yay! I really enjoy pilates sessions. 🙂

This is how balancing on all fours look like.