gotta catch ’em all

It’s been almost 2 months since I last wrote anything and I know I should have been more consistent. At least a post weekly but sometimes, I prefer to write when I am ready and not when I’m too tired or too lost. So anyway, a lot has happened! I’ll start by writing about Pokemon Go first because, how can we NOT mention this global hype? XD

Pokemon Go finally gets released in Malaysia on 5th or 6th August.  It made many people extremely delighted, me included. Some of my friends already went Poke hunting and caught many, many Pokemons whereas I was still learning how to catch a Pokemon. Come Monday, everyone was raving about it in the office. For the entire week, we went Poke Hunting and stopped by at every Poke Stop available during lunch break. Despite feeling slightly unwell, I went ahead anyway. It felt really good to able to have something in common with everyone (at last) and to also enjoy it at the same time. I must admit, I do feel isolated from the rest at times as I do not play the same games. As I refused to play it just for the sake of joining them, it does feel a little boring when everyone else is busy playing and talking about it. However, Pokemon Go bridged that divide. That’s why it has made me extra happy. Not to mention, the satisfaction of catching rare Pokemons and watching them evolve. Plus, I walked even more while I tried to hatch the eggs.

Playing Pokemon Go has also led to some memorable encounters with other players. Once, I was walking back to office with some of my colleagues when a guy in a passing car told me excitedly that there is a Scyther. His random outburst stunned me for a few seconds but when I got it, I happily replied that I had already caught it. It was a CP432 Scyther. Yay!

Another instance was when a fellow coworker from another dept came rushing to my department and in my direction, hastily asking (in a not too soft voice) “Where is Magmar?” His random appearance and question made me slightly hesitant as it was during working hours and the CTO was seated about 2m from me. Our conversation then went something like this:

Me (baffled) : Are you playing.. Pokemon Go during working hours??
He: Shhh…. ( saw a Ponyta and proceeds to an empty desk to try and catch it
Me (stunned): (curious, went over to see) Aren’t you still on probation?
He: (focused on catching the Ponyta, mutters absent-mindedly) Yeah….
Me: !!!

He then found his Magmar and ran to another colleague’s desk and asked him for help in catching it.

I felt lost. I felt bad for acting like a disciplinarian, being authoritative. How brazen can one be? Nevertheless, I continued my work, when another colleague came whispering at my desk that there is a Magmar, and slided back to his desk.

I took a deep breath. Should I try to catch it? Hmmm hmmm hmmm oh man just get it lah!
So, I quickly open the app, found it almost instantaneously, caught it and resumed working. How bold of me. OTL

There is also another time when Snorlax was in the Sightings and everyone rushed down. It felt like a major search and rescue mission, with people just covering everywhere they can to try and locate the Snorlax. Finally, someone found it at Maybank and everyone just moved like a hurricane. Such insanity and excitement! As for me, I have no more Razz Berries and Great Balls, just 30+ Poke Balls and the Snorlax that appeared was CP???

I was too tensed after missing a few times and passed it to Louis and Ray who tried to help. After I’m down with just less than 10 Pokeballs, I was kinda prepared to lose the Snorlax when Jake volunteered and caught it within a few tries. Oh, the elation and euphoria! I practically bowed to him. That’s the story of how I got a CP958 Snorlax with 20++ Pokeballs.

When you reach level 5, you need to choose a team. I spent quite some time deliberating and considering before finally deciding on Team Mystic. I don’t really fit in Valor and Instinct and I got Mystic in a BuzzFeed quiz so it’s Mystic! Besides, someone told me this: It is not a mistake to choose Mystic. Haha!

Right now, my goal is to fill up my Pokedex with as many Pokemons as possible, whether by catching, evolving or hatching them. Though it is just a game, playing Pokemon has reconnected me to old friends and introduce me to new friends. It is a great ice breaker as well as a topic for conversation and team bonding.