a walk in the park

A walk in the park is good for your mental health.

It is some form of meditation, where you focus on walking and just be in the present. Although initially, there are bound to be lots of thoughts going through one’s head, eventually, the thoughts slowly subside and one begins to notice one’s surroundings.

I’m lucky to be living right opposite the neighbourhood’s park. It is well maintained and regularly frequented by the neighbourhood’s occupants, especially in the evenings. As usual, I just kept my steady walking pace around the park, again and again. As I walk, I amuse myself by observing the children playing, the dog owners walking their dogs and moms sitting idly watching their kids. There is a playground, a gazebo, a small reflexology stone area and a few semi circle stone benches. Two of these face each other with a small space in the middle, cleverly utilized by the kids to play football. Each of the semi circle functions as a goal post and I can hear their excited cries as they scored or missed a goal. What’s lovely about the scene is that they came from various backgrounds. There are Chinese, Indians and mixed parentage kids. I’m guessing they are probably between 11-13 years old. The girls are taller whereas the boys still look, very young.

At the playground area, another group of kids, this time, younger ones, around the ages of 4-6 are having fun with their own made up games. They have a princess leader, a nicely dressed spunky kid giving out the instructions on their games whereas 2 more younger girls listen obligingly and followed. A little girl was watching and when I next passed them, she was already playing with them. I wondered if they just became friends or they knew each other. But knowing kids, their ability to make friends are fast. It was quite a pleasant feeling observing their shenanigans.

Aside from children, there are a few responsible dog owners who walked their dog with a plastic bag in hand, ready to scoop its feces. The trees are still quite young, though 2 or 3 are already showing their roots above the ground. As I walked round after round after round, the weights from my shoulders slowly disappear and I feel light. Today, I walked for 50 minutes and left feeling better. The best part was that during this walking session, I did not feel a sense of overwhelming sadness. Instead, I felt peace and it felt really good. Like, r e a l l y good.