under the weather

So many things happened while I was away! Sorry for the long delay ><

Firstly, I overexerted myself by being too active. I was pretty out and about, attending a Buddhist society’s puja and dharma talk, catching up with old friends, exploring Planetshaker’s concert, etc. There was even a week where I exercised a lot: swimming on Mon, pilates+gym on Tues and then badminton on Thurs. Okay, we skip Wednesday but I really need a breather. There was some sickness circulating in the office as many colleagues fell ill and I, too succumb to it. It was a rough week as I have not been this sick for the longest time. Thankfully, I still manage to drive myself to the clinic with fever ( 38.1 C ). Not that bad, but not very pleasant. To top it all off, it was a grey, drizzling day and I couldn’t be bothered to take an umbrella. It was already a lot of effort to carry my own weight.

Long story short, I recovered just in time for Chinese New Year and then conveniently fell sick again after. Such a pain! It was so dreadful, feeling lethargic and having to endure the sore throat at work. I just wanted to go home and sleep it off. Actually, sleeping wasn’t really comfortable too.Every position was not comfortable and my headache makes me sigh. Once, I gave a loud sneeze and the headache concentrated on just my right side of the head. I can really feel my body battling away through the night. Thankfully, I’m almost well now. Haha – I’m done ranting about my sickness.

Moving on, we have 7 new interns and 3 full time employees joining the department. It’s a lot of fun trying to remember their names and faces and getting to know them. I’m assigned to guide one of them and this will be my third time. So far, so good! As usual, I suffered through some anxieties and distress again over my perceived incompetence and lack of knowledge but I didn’t hang on to it. I just ignored and let it go. It was really hard but I am glad I managed to handle it satisfactorily. Fake it till you make it, they say. I’m trying, whenever I remember. :p

As I struggle with the latest challenging task, I find myself reflecting a lot on what I want to do and what I need to let go. You can only identify what you really need or what needs to be done when you are put in an uncomfortable position. Get out of your comfort zone, they say. I’m still insecure about taking the next step – because – I don’t know which direction I should go. But it became more or less clearer that I need to move on. I want to be energized and excited about my work and contribute to society in some meaningful way. What skill set do I need? Am I in this position because I was too lazy or too disinterested? Am I wasting my youth away hiding behind the monitor, engaging in virtual fantasies and just observing other people’s lives?

On a lighter note, I completed my first book of the year. Yay! It’s A Little History of Philosophy by Nigel Warburton. It essentially just presents the general ideas and thoughts by philosophers of all time in 40 chapters. Some are interesting whereas some are quirky. Even though I am fascinated, I still find it hard to complete it. I still prefer stories though I appreciate gaining a tiny bit of knowledge from this book.

And…that’s all about me for now. Next will be a review of Sherlock Holmes. 🙂


midweek battle

It’s been a long day.

I got stuck in my work because I did not know how to solve a problem. That’s the gist of it. It is really frustrating because I’d really like to complete it and move on to another task. This is really dragging me down, along with my productivity. I became very restless and tensed.

Unknowingly, this situation actually showed me how much I have improved. In the past, I would have lost my cool. However, I managed to maintain some form of composure and focused on finding a solution. I asked another colleague and I had to practice communicating clearly in order to explain the problem.

I finally solve the problem on my own, thanks to a question from the colleague. He questioned one of the requirements. I googled to check if I must follow the requirement and it turns out that, I can actually not follow it exactly. Yay! Although I was relieved, there was still a lot of negative energy in me so I googled for pun jokes to relax. Here’s one:

Q: Where are average things manufactured?

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